Tips Health Tips Bangla

Tips Health Tips Bangla – 10 Latest Bengali Health Tips | Bangla health tips for your health. health tips in bengali language

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Tips Health Tips Bangla

Tips Health Tips Bangla

Top 10 Bangla Health Tips and Bangladeshi Health Barta for Men and Women in Bengali Language. New latest fitness health natural tips and tricks Bengali health tips and tricks carefully. 10 Bengali Health Tips to Maintain Good Health. These are very small tips, but if you follow them, you will get a lot of benefits, there is no greater wealth than good health, taking care of your health is the most important thing. These health tips are not about any disease, but these tips are meant to prevent diseases in your body. If you follow a few small things, you can avoid many big diseases.

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There are certain things that you should include in your daily food list to maintain your health. You may not know all of them, so here is a list. If you follow the list below, you can be in good health. In our daily diet, we need protein-rich foods, carbohydrate-containing foods, fatty foods, moderate water, salt, and vitamins.

The amount of food grains is 350 grams per day. 50 grams of legumes per day. Taritakari 105 grams per day. 50 grams of underground vegetables per day. milk 500 ml. 50 grams of sugar per day. 25 grams of oil seeds. 45 ml of oil per day.

These are the things you should include in your diet every day. Along with that, you have to take care of a million little things like reducing your meat consumption. Everyone should follow this rule. If you are a little older, 500 grams of cereals a day, 100 grams of legumes, 200 grams of fruit, 100 grams, 25 grams. If you follow these short Bengali health tips, your health will always be good.

Let’s look at some other small tips that you can follow to avoid bigger problems.

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It would be better if you stop eating meat, but if you can’t, at least reduce your meat consumption. Most of the diseases in our body are born from the flesh. We’ll see

If you take care of these things while eating, the disease will be greatly reduced and the health will be fine. Many of us rush through our food, but the more you chew, the better it aids digestion. Therefore, try to chew your food as much as possible during meals.

Tips Health Tips Bangla

Here are some small tips that are better to follow. If you take care of doing these things, you will have good health and good health. To maintain good health, we need to keep our stomach in good condition because most diseases are due to stomach disorders. We’ll see

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These are some small Bengali health tips, if you follow them daily, your health will be good. Stay with us to know more. Your health is the most valuable thing, so try to keep it healthy. Health is a person’s greatest wealth. If we follow general hygiene rules, we can live a long time in a healthy body. Depending on age and physical abilities, easily digestible nutritious food should be consumed. Drink cold water at least half an hour after a meal. Thank you for being with us.

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Finally, if you have any physical problems, see a doctor. Stay connected with us by following our Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter.

10 Latest Bengali Health Tips | Bangla health tips for your health. Bengali Health Tips By Apni Ki Janen 31 Dec 2017 Rating: 5 Health is one of the greatest blessings of God. Every person in the world wants to live healthy. Health largely depends on our daily lifestyle. So doctors recommend a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy. A healthy life is not so difficult if you follow a few simple rules. So find out today the 10 rules to follow to stay healthy: 1. Wake up early in the morning: Most studies have shown that people who wake up early in the morning are many times healthier than others. Morning time is very useful for our body. Because during this time air pollution is less and the amount of oxygen increases. Also, waking up early in the morning increases enthusiasm for the whole day’s work. As a result, there is no problem in completing our physical processes.

Not only that, there is no other option than getting up early in the morning to keep your mind healthy and active. Researchers at the University of Texas in the United States conducted a study on their students. Where they find, the students who get up in the morning are brighter than the rest. So you must follow this habit to stay healthy.

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2. Start the day with prayer: It is also very important to pray to God every day to keep our body and mind healthy. If we start the day with prayer, our physical performance increases a lot. In addition, prayer purifies our mind and increases our enthusiasm for good deeds. Regular prayers to the Creator can help you get rid of mental depression. As a result, our chances of developing many physical diseases are also reduced. Remember that you see this world by the grace of your creator. Therefore, there is no alternative to prayer when seeking the blessing of health.

3. Exercise: We all know more or less how good exercise is for our body. To stay healthy, doctors emphasize healthy eating habits and exercise. Maintaining an ideal weight is very important for staying healthy. Because being overweight or underweight harms our health. And there is no better way to control your weight than exercise. It is best to get used to walking in the morning. However, many people cannot go for a walk in the morning due to lack of time. So you can exercise for 30-45 minutes any part of the day.

4. Develop a healthy diet – To stay healthy, you need to develop a healthy diet. Basically, our body meets all kinds of needs from daily food. Include carbohydrates and proteins as well as vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Because the vitamins contained in fruits and vegetables help keep our body healthy. Try to avoid unhealthy foods and soft drinks as much as possible. Because most diseases are caused by these foods. Also, if you eat easily digestible food instead of heavy food, the food is digested quickly and easily. Smoking and all kinds of drugs are very harmful to our health. So avoid them for a healthy lifestyle.

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Tips Health Tips Bangla

5. Drink enough water: Water plays a huge role in the functioning of every cell, tissue and organ in our body. Water satisfies our body’s need for minerals. Suffering from prolonged dehydration can lead to more complex illnesses resulting from liver problems.

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Therefore, it is important to drink enough water every day to stay healthy. It is generally considered ideal to drink eight to twelve glasses or two and a half to three liters of water per day. But everyone’s physical needs are different. So it is best to drink water according to your body’s needs.

6. Moderate sleep: Sleep is also known as our body’s recovery system. Our body consumes a large amount of calories every day. It is not possible to fill only with food. Moderate sleep also helps reduce stress. It significantly reduces the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. After a full day of work, our body and brain get tired. During sleep, however, these brain deficits are gradually filled. Therefore, it is very important to get a good seven to eight hours of sleep every day.

7. Stay mentally fit: Staying happy is very important to stay healthy. Because mind and body are closely related. Therefore, if the mind is not good, the body will also get sick. Take time to rest outside of work to maintain your mental health. But beware, any kind of entertainment, but not healthy entertainment. A healthy vacation means sports, reading books, traveling, educational programs on TV or computer or mind games on a mobile phone. Spending quality time with family is also very important for our health. This means that those entertainments that keep the mind happy are called healthy entertainments.

8. Keep yourself clean: To stay away from diseases, you need to keep yourself clean. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before and after eating, after going outside, before starting work and after. Daily clothes and home should be kept clean. However, keeping yourself and your home clean is not enough to stay healthy. It is also important to keep the surroundings of the house clean. Not even littering the streets is the moral duty of a good citizen. This will make your environment clean and also reduce the level of environmental pollution.

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9. Stay away from device addiction: From today’s kids to adults

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