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Ios Iphone Tips Health – Apple currently holds a large share of the global smartphone market share, with iPhones selling like hotcakes in every country. With seamless connectivity and user experience, what really matters to all iOS users is how long the iPhone battery lasts. Believe it or not, many users worry about whether their iPhone battery will last all day. Let’s break it down and find out how to improve any iPhone battery.

IPhones and almost all Apple products use lithium-ion batteries. Mainly because they charge faster, last longer and weigh less than traditional batteries. But all lithium-ion batteries wear out over time.

Ios Iphone Tips Health

Ios Iphone Tips Health

Simply put, they age as the device grows. As the battery ages, you’ll find yourself charging your iPhone more often than before and spending significantly less screen time and battery life, even when you’re using it.

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“Battery life” is the amount of time the device runs before charging. “Battery life” is the time the battery lasts for its replacement. While battery life is measured in percentages and hours, battery life is measured in charge cycles. According to Apple:

A typical battery is designed to maintain up to 80% of its original capacity for 500 full charge cycles under normal operating conditions. The one-year warranty includes service coverage for a faulty battery. If it’s out of warranty, Apple offers battery service for a fee.

Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Apple has also shared the official comfort zone temperature range for iOS devices.

The recommended operating range is 0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F). However, in practice this is not possible, as the temperature in many places exceeds the recommended operating range. So you can use thick cases to keep them warm or avoid exposing your phone to sunlight on hot days.

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Also, avoid leaving your iPhone in closed spaces (such as cars) where there is less ventilation, as this causes the room temperature to rise. Many people leave their phones in cars or in the glove compartment, which raises the temperature of the phone.

Simply put, heat is a battery killer because it permanently damages battery capacity. Although extremely cold temperatures temporarily damage battery health.

Charging in high ambient temperatures is also not recommended, so please charge your iPhone in “comfortable temperature zones”.

Ios Iphone Tips Health

The danger zone is a dark place from which you can recover, but after that there is no guarantee of performance. Because it permanently damages iPhone battery power.

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So it is not recommended to drain your iPhone battery to 0% unless you calibrate it. If you have an irregular schedule, you can fly with the charger all day, as it will only count as 1 full charge cycle when the battery has completed 100% charge. Learn more about what counts as 1 full battery charge cycle.

As mentioned before, heat is a battery killer. So make sure your iPhone doesn’t overheat while charging. According to Apple, heat causes permanent damage to battery capacity, unlike extreme cold weather, which only temporarily reduces battery capacity.

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Heat can change the internal structure of the battery’s chemicals, which can further damage the voltage reading. A damaged voltage sensor will not be able to optimize the current flow, causing the iPhone to overheat and eventually damage the battery and your iPhone.

One of the most common causes of poor iPhone battery performance is the use of charging accessories that are not certified by Apple. Always make sure that both the charging cable and the adapter are MFi certified.

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MFi stands for Made for iPod, Made for iPhone and Made for iPad. Only brands that pass Apple’s rigorous device and hardware tests can place the MFi logo on their products. So always look out for MFi logo charger accessories.

For example, each Lightning cable adapter has a small identification chip that tells the iPhone that it is MFi certified. Otherwise, the iPhone will show a popup when it detects a cable that is not MFi certified.

Optimized battery charging was introduced with iOS 13 and it increases your battery life and thus improves battery health. It uses machine learning to learn your daily charging habits and predict when your iPhone will need a longer charge and charge accordingly.

Ios Iphone Tips Health

For example, many people have this habit of charging their iPhones overnight. So the machine learning algorithm aims to ensure that the iPhone is 100% charged when you wake up (based on your previous charging and shutdown data). The algorithm does this to ensure that less time is spent charging the iPhone.

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When the feature is enabled, it will show the estimated time until the iPhone is charged to 100%. You can click on the “Recharge Now” option to instantly charge it to 100%.

IPhones have retina displays that consume a lot of power. Screens are one of the most used and battery-draining parts of the iPhone. And pushing the retina display’s pixels to full brightness puts a strain on the iPhone’s battery. So, it is not a good practice to keep your iPhone at 100% brightness all the time as it directly affects the battery health. Switching to auto-brightness can help improve your iPhone’s battery life in the long run, as it changes the brightness level based on the environment. In addition, it is also good for the eyes.

Charging generates heat, so your iPhone may warm up while charging. If this is the case, you should remove the cover of your iPhone to ensure that the heat generated during charging is properly dissipated. Some thick cases and covers trap heat, causing the iPhone to overheat while charging. This may damage the health of the battery. It is most often found in thick leather folding cases that have card pockets and other small accessibility features. If you have these big and thick rubber cartoon covers, so avoid charging your iPhone in these covers in hot environment because they will heat up your iPhone.

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For those wondering, no, fast charging isn’t bad for your iPhone (unless it’s officially supported). iPhones released after 2017 (iPhone 8 and up) officially support fast charging, provided you use an official Apple fast charger or an MFi certified charger.

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Fast charging works in 2 stages. The first stage is the fast charging stage, where the charger delivers current to the battery at a faster rate. You’ve probably seen brands claiming this with “60% battery in 30 minutes of charging” tags. This is because lithium-ion batteries are made up of chemicals whose structure changes when they absorb electricity. With a low charge, the battery can be charged faster without any damage.

And at 60-80% (it varies from device to device) battery capacity, the battery’s ability to absorb charge more quickly decreases. This is when the second phase of fast charging begins to ensure that the battery charges at a slower rate without damaging it.

This is also done by the battery health management system in iOS. This is why it takes extra time to charge the last 20% of your iPhone battery.

Ios Iphone Tips Health

In short, fast charging won’t harm your iPhone’s battery health, just make sure you’re using MFi certified or official fast chargers.

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Update: Fast chargers aren’t bad for your iPhones. But they still produce more than slower 5W chargers. So, if you have extra time to slowly charge your iPhone, I recommend doing so. Fast charging works in stages and the initial burst stage still generates a lot of heat compared to slow 5W charging. As mentioned before, heat is a battery killer. So use 5W when you can, but don’t let this thing change your usage and charging habits. iPhone is designed to serve you, not the other way around.

A lot of people have this habit of charging their iPhones overnight because let’s face it. Our phones don’t last that long on a single charge. But there is a common misconception among iPhone users. “Don’t charge your iPhone overnight for battery sake.” Let’s open up.

Similarly, iPhone batteries are designed with a cut-off point to protect the device from overcharging. This will help keep your iPhone battery healthy.

What’s more, you can turn on Optimized Battery Charging to make sure you get 100% battery when you wake up every morning without worrying about battery damage from overnight charging.

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It is a known fact that Wi-Fi uses less power than cellular radio. Because Wi-Fi is usually faster than cellular, it downloads and uploads files faster, so neither you nor your iPhone have to wait longer. For example, when you watch a YouTube video, your iPhone will download the video faster (while

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