Health And Wellness Tips Health Insurance

Health And Wellness Tips Health Insurance – Health care costs have been rising for years, and that is not expected to change anytime soon. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are looking to collect expenses where they can. That means that even the average cost of health care increases, year after year, can be too much to bear without a creative plan.

With that in mind, the following tips can help employers reduce health care costs without affecting employee well-being.

Health And Wellness Tips Health Insurance

Health And Wellness Tips Health Insurance

To manage expenses, it is often best to look at where the money is being spent. How do employees use their health plans? In terms of health care, where does the company spend the most money? Employers can use this information to inform next steps.

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Telemedicine is one of the most popular health care technologies of the last decade. It can save employees (and businesses) time and money by looking to connect patients and doctors. Employers should consider this and other health solutions that can save employees expensive doctor visits.

Health plans are not set in stone – what has worked for years may not be the best choice for the current situation. Alternative planning methods, such as self-financing plans, are some of the options that businesses use to adjust costs.

Greater employee health literacy is associated with lower health care costs for individuals and their employers. That’s because workers who understand their health benefits are more likely to seek preventive care, which reduces the chances of developing dangerous, costly conditions. On the other hand, poor health knowledge can lead to poor financial decisions, such as visiting the emergency room for a cold. This is why employers often find it important to promote health literacy among employees.

These are some of the ways employers can help reduce health care costs. Contact us here at TIG Consultants for more workplace guidance. I did a lot of inner work to release the false belief that self-care was selfish. If you are here, I doubt you can speak.

Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health And Control Health Care Costs

And today I want to talk to you heart to heart. Let’s talk about health and make a health plan.

The word Wellness refers to the pursuit of health in your daily life. And health initiatives can happen in different areas of your life.

Health is a state of being. Good health is the consistent steps you take to produce results in your life.

Health And Wellness Tips Health Insurance

There are many areas of health that we can go into. However, I often like to distinguish 5 dimensions of health: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial.

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One of the most neglected aspects of our physical health is related to blood pressure. Not controlling blood pressure puts our health at risk. This is even more frightening for communities of color.

About 80% of Black adults have uncontrolled high blood pressure, which puts them at greater risk of heart attack and stroke.

Taking care of your physical health can start with understanding the symptoms of high blood pressure and getting your blood pressure checked regularly.

I’ve partnered with the RTP Heart Health Squad to bring you a health education on managing your blood pressure. If you use these facts you will have a healthy life. Understanding your BP numbers can mean the difference between low and high risk of heart attack or stroke.

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Employee Wellness 101: Tips, Ideas, And Best Practices

Before we move on to the next type of health, let’s talk about why I’m focusing on high blood pressure, also known as the “silent killer.”

Let’s be honest. These numbers are alarming. And they are close to home. These are not just statistics – they are stories. They represent the people that you and I have lost or almost lost. People we love and care about.

Systemic racism often makes preventing and reducing high blood pressure difficult for black women and other women of color, like myself.

Health And Wellness Tips Health Insurance

Sometimes we read these unbalanced numbers and feel that we are at fault or doing something wrong. That’s not true: racial inequality hinders our health and well-being. We have too many extra pressures and too many distractions to live and work!

Weekly Wellness Tips/ Weekly Health Tips

That’s why I’m sharing some health tips so you can create your own health plan. I want to give some tips that will work for you. Steps that are easy to apply to every area of ​​your life.

Mental health means engaging in habits that stimulate your mind. When you strive to do things that help you to be clear, focused and healthy

Your mind is connected to your body. When you feel restless, stressed or drained, your blood pressure is affected.

I told myself that I have no time (or very little time) to clear my head. I am a single mother and the welfare of my family is my responsibility. But guess what? Stress takes over.

Key Wellness Tips

I knew heart disease was part of my genetic history, but it wasn’t until I started seeing my BP numbers go up that I started paying attention.

Emotional health is the act of examining our emotions on a daily basis. The trick is to deal with our emotions before they take over our lives!

I’m passionate about emotional health because we can’t function well if we don’t enjoy emotional health.

Health And Wellness Tips Health Insurance

I was very young (maybe not young enough) when I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression and CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder). This means that there are many things that inspire me. Practicing emotional self-care helps me be with myself and others.

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As women of color, we have a lot of generational trauma that we deal with in our daily lives. Our Native or African ancestors were treated and mistreated and we still face discrimination that puts more pressure on our lives.

Taking care of our emotions in the right way will help us enjoy good relationships. It affects the way we deal with stress, as well as our feelings and outlook.

Some of the ways I use my spiritual health is through individual prayer with my family and reading the Scriptures to connect with God.

Slowing down to connect with our values ​​and beliefs, and reflecting on our goals can help us in every way – even keeping our blood pressure down!

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We all know that financial problems cause high levels of stress. Especially when the workplace is toxic or we lack job security or job satisfaction.

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Racism and sexism put women of color at a disadvantage. Sometimes it feels like work-life balance is only possible for the privileged few!

And it’s a vicious cycle. We are underrepresented and underpaid, so we are overworked, stressed and sick. Health care costs are horrendous and unpaid leave leads to lost wages.

Health And Wellness Tips Health Insurance

A health plan is a unique plan that helps you stay healthy in all areas of your life. It covers your mental, physical, spiritual, financial and emotional well-being. It is an action plan with a holistic approach.

Tips For Staying Healthy

Your health plan will be your road map, outlining the daily routines you need to follow to reach your health goals. It answers the question: What does human well-being look like?

There are misconceptions about what self-care looks like. For example, it’s great to have a spa day, but it’s more important to know your BP numbers and take regular precautions to prevent high blood pressure.

Personal well-being is important because it keeps you alive. It keeps you healthy so you can enjoy what you love and those you love.

Creating a simple health plan can be very easy. You can take this plan to your doctor or health care provider for review and/or approval.

Tis The Season For Mental Health Wellness

Grab a piece of paper to write down your goals. They don’t need to be written in a smart goal setting.

The goals you include in your health plan are neither short-term nor long-term goals. These are performance goals, so not the kind you just reach and exceed. These are not New Year’s Resolutions. These goals translate into lifestyle change.

These steps can be divided into 3 simple areas – all starting with the letter M: movement, food, and awareness.

Health And Wellness Tips Health Insurance

You don’t need to hire a personal trainer, buy a gym membership, or train for long periods of time. In fact, you can walk the way you like or do other things you like.

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You can walk every day and enjoy the added benefits of sunshine and fresh air. Or maybe you can dance, do yoga, or just stretch. My favorite activity is hula hooping!

Eating fast means you replace fast food, junk food, and packaged foods with whole foods, vegetables, and fruits.

For example, you can start by drinking more water, or switching to a less salty diet, or using less oil.

In addition to eating healthy foods and cooking well, you can take daily steps to reduce alcohol and sugar intake in all forms.

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Mindfulness is a state of being, which helps us manage stress and anxiety. This journey alone can help us spiritually.

For your health

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