Customer Service Tips Health Care

Customer Service Tips Health Care – How do you know if that smart, eager customer service candidate will be an engaged and productive team member? Other than inventing a time machine, there is no guaranteed method that makes your interview one of the most important tools you have to evaluate customer service and support candidates.

The right interview questions reveal useful information because they force respondents to think for themselves and build on their experience. Seeing how they react says a lot about how they’ll handle situations in the real world—and will help you avoid wasting time and energy hiring the wrong person.

Customer Service Tips Health Care

Customer Service Tips Health Care

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Ask every candidate the 23 customer service interview questions below to get the information you need to hire the best talent.

The first five questions on our list help you find candidates who share your core beliefs about the role of customer service in an organization. You know what great service is; Does your candidate have the same high expectations?

Good candidates will be able to explain why customer service is important to a company and give clear examples of good and bad service. They should be ready to talk about their specialty and how customer service can contribute to their success.

Keep an eye out for people who really want a different role but see customer service as the easiest way in the door. They are less likely to have thought about what great customer service means to your business.

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6. Can you tell me about a time when you were proud of the level of service you provided to a customer?

7. Have you ever dealt with an unreasonable customer? How did you deal with it and how would you deal with it today?

8. Have you ever broken the rules while serving a customer? Tell me about the story and the outcome.

Customer Service Tips Health Care

9. In your previous job, did you ever receive negative feedback from a customer? What did you do with that feedback?

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10. Can you tell me about a customer you had trouble understanding and how you approached that interaction?

12. What is the best way to help a customer who has worked with multiple agents and hasn’t gotten the help they need?

Questions 6-12 measure candidates’ emotional intelligence, empathy and reflectiveness. In the answers, you need to hear specific, real stories from previous service experiences. Even a very junior candidate may have previous retail experience to add.

Good candidates will share detailed examples of their own experiences and be able to answer follow-up questions about these examples. Look for people who show humility and take responsibility for their mistakes.

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Be wary of people who give theoretical examples instead of real situations or only give examples where the client or their colleagues were at fault.

13. Tell me about a time a customer reported a technical problem that you didn’t know the answer to. What was your approach and how did it end?

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14. Can you tell me about a situation with a client where there was no clear policy to use and you had to judge? How did you approach your decision and what happened?

Customer Service Tips Health Care

15. Can you give me an example of a situation where there were major problems with your product/service and you had to respond without having all the answers yet?

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Questions 13-15 measure a candidate’s ability to solve problems – an invaluable skill that can always be improved.

The best candidates will be able to guide you in your approach to situations where they didn’t have an immediate answer. Ask them to find examples of how they learned from these situations and applied them to another problem.

Be wary of people who claim they have never been blocked or can only give examples when another team member or colleague has given the final answer.

16. Can you give an example of how you handled alerting a customer when your product/service caused a major problem?

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17. When responding to a customer, how do you decide what information to include and what to leave out?

18. Can you tell me about a time when you had to convince a client or colleague to change the way you worked (eg adopt a new procedure or change your language) and how you it?

Questions 16 to 18 are designed to measure candidates’ communication skills. Customer service employees have no greater skill than the ability to communicate clearly and with the appropriate level of detail. This section allows the best candidates to stand out by explaining how they speak or write to clients.

Customer Service Tips Health Care

Excellent candidates will demonstrate the ability to interpret client needs and modify their communication styles for different audiences. Watch out for candidates who can only describe one communication approach; they can be very inflexible.

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19. What was the last new skill you learned? Why did you choose this skill and how did you learn it?

These questions give you an opportunity to understand how he will work with a candidate. Are they always looking to learn new skills? Will they support their colleagues and customers?

People who can talk about their interests and carry on a casual conversation tend to do well in a customer service role.

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When you’re interviewing potential support hires, there’s always the risk of repeating the same questions, getting the same answers, having the same small talk, and promptly forgetting all the important details.

The antidote? Think creatively, establish a system and stick to it. You won’t be sidestepping questions, your interactions will be more meaningful, and you’ll be able to standardize the circumstances in which you assess candidates.

A strategic approach leads to less confusion, more focus, and the best possible person to join your customer service team. Below, Cassie Marketos provides some helpful tips for conducting better interviews.

Customer Service Tips Health Care

Great support reps have abstract skills that can be difficult to address directly. You need to find conversational side doors to bring out these qualities, asking questions that require a story to answer.

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“I ask you to give an example of a time when you defended someone else. I also ask for an example of a recent conflict and how it was resolved. I am paying attention to how they describe the actions of others; you don’t want them to blame anyone, but to objectively assess the situation and how they tried to solve it.”

These questions encourage candidates to share a relevant story about the job, but also require them to tell a story in a coherent and narrative way.

Why is this subtext so important? Because you need to assess your ability to break complex ideas down into manageable, easy-to-understand steps; one of the most basic support skills. People can reveal a lot about their personal psychology through the way they structure a story.

Reading between the lines, what would the candidate’s stories say about his courage, patience, willingness to help, or his talents as a team player? All their examples make the other person make a bad decision and that’s why it didn’t work?

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An active listener is a skilled problem solver. Instead of auto-piloting a solution based on what they expect to hear, they are patient enough to hear how a customer feels and respond accordingly.

The same answer can be presented in very different ways depending on the customer’s mindset, and it is important to know if your future colleague can adapt your tone.

You can find this out during an interview by asking different questions. If a candidate carefully addresses every point you’ve asked them to discuss, it means they’re an enthusiastic and loyal listener. It’s also a good sign that you’ve found someone who treats users well when they come in to chat with your business.

Customer Service Tips Health Care

The boilerplate questions do not reflect the reality of support. They don’t surprise anyone, they don’t reveal that they can thrive under pressure, and their limited framing generates limited responses. That’s not good, because you’re looking for creativity; the work is not a multiple choice test.

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You can also zag the way you conduct interviews. I encourage managers to hire potential coffee supporters. Observing how a person interacts with the outside world will speak volumes about their self-awareness and personal motivations.

Anyone who cannot hesitate to say “please” and “thank you” is not someone who should be in the business of making others happy professionally.

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References can be a valuable part of the interview process if handled correctly. It’s true that it can be a challenge to have an honest conversation with someone hand-picked to deliver a great review, but the right attitude (and

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